Socio-emotional problems and Senior Citizens

Aging is a natural process. As they say, age is just a number. This may be true, however, it cannot be discounted that as one advance in age the physical and mental health gets affected and needs some special care. …

There is an awakening in my heart.

The light is streaming from the sky

The soil is revibrating with joyous songs

Life is rich and bountiful,

This is My Land.

Earth has taken a new green form

The grass is green

The flowers are abloom

The colourful butterflies circling all around

The chirping of the birds

The sound of the Crickets

The rushing of the crystal clear water from the river

Bring an unbridled glow to the heart

The rain is sweet and tastes like dew

The pure nectar of life renews the spirit

This is My Land

Do not be surprised when you see that patch

This place I have carved is in my heart

The Love that I hold is expanding

The goodness of all is springing

This is My Land

a poem by Uma Arora

Love awaits within my

heart yet again.

Now there is no


as my heart has become


as my yearning has become


and my meanderings have become

more focussed.

Oh, beloved!

do not feel shy

come soon as

Love awaits within my

heart yet again.

A tiny Miny sun

An Itty bitty snowman

Or a Puny umbrella

We love them all!

Pint-size house

Pink throbbing heart



Cakes or chocolates

We gift them all!!

V for victory,

Or say it with claps,

A Thank you here,

A big smile there,

A puny head that…


Come together,

Come forward unhesitantly

To firmly clasp each other’s hands.


Come together,

Come forward unhindered to

Firmly unite with each other’s hearts.


Come forward unwaveringly to

Firmly join the voices with each other

The darkness is impermeable……

This storm is enormous……

The whirlwind is inexhaustive……


Every date brings

With it something

That is precious,


Or very sweet.

Some we love,

And wish to savor,

Some we hate,

And wish to discard,

Some stand

In time and gather

In a corner of the heart.

The heart becomes heavy,

The eyes become teary,

The soul wishes to render

A few lines

For those who leave behind

Some powerful



On the journey of life, we come around to spend some time together.

Some drop off early and leave behind their essence.

Sometimes goodbyes do not happen, closures are not reached.

The heart yearns to seek them.

Be it love, hate, or any other emotion. Eyes shed tears and heart becomes heavy but the soul silently bears it all and pays a tribute to those who have left behind so many precious memories.

a short write up by Uma Arora


who are not afraid to speak what

Is in their heart,


Who are ready to scale heights

That no one has ever

Touched before,


Who are eager to show

Through actions that,

They are not afraid to try

One more time,

They are the ones

Who are…

An Ode to the Warriors

Their hearts must be


Their mind must be


Their bodies must be


Never ever showing,

Only always sowing the seeds of

Trust and great confidence,

Smiling and even cheering

They are

Always on the front line.

Not waiting for a nod,


An Ode to the Warriors

Facing the hazards

Of the deadly virus

They have arrived

Not from

The sky or

Emerged from


They have been with us


As a mother

As a father,

As a sister,

As a brother,

As a cousin

As an aunt or an…

An Ode to the Warriors


Their backs,

Their necks,

Their hands,

Their legs,

Their shoulders

Nor their soul

Is tired

They listen patiently

They speak calmly

They touch firmly

They feel heartily

Above all

They do bravely.


Who are unhesitantly saving lives

They are

Uma Arora

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