Speech and




And Future,

Cause and Effect.

A few words

That always echo around us

As invisible as the air that surrounds

Like airplanes that fly in the sky

On a path that cannot be seen

Or birds who know exactly where they are going,

Their path unseen by our mortal eye

Fish swim underwater traveling many miles

On routes that no one knows to exist

Like clouds, it’s always around us

Sometimes stormy, dark & dense,

Sometimes fluffy, white, and light

What we see, feel, smell and touch is

A condensation;

A manifestation,

A concrete reality

A revelation so profound that only

Those who understand the

Depth of life can fathom it

We create it by our own efforts

It’s about feeling, thinking, speaking, and doing

Then it becomes our destiny and the destiny of others

What we see right now is the past

What we are going to experience is present

What we imagine to be coming is future

Foolish are those who live in the present

Or feel that a good deed will offset a bad one

Adhere to the wise who says:

Good equals good

Bad equals bad

It is a simple mathematical proposition

One that comes in equal proportion

Not a drop more, not a drop less.

Feeling pain?

You will get pain

Feeling happiness?

Your life will be full of happiness

Feeling good?

You will continue to experience good

We can choose pain

We can choose joy

We can speak with contempt

We can speak with elation

The equation will bring us

Full circle back to our


A poem by Uma Arora